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Ian: Before and After:


Ian: From back-yard barbequing (2006) at 265 lb. to bicycle climbing in the Pyrenees (2011) at 215 lb., summer activities have changed thanks to strength and endurance training with Harry; I feel younger now than I did 5 years ago!   2013: still at 215 and still getting stronger!


A Great Motivator:


 Harry is a great motivator who not only knows his stuff but also understands when to push me and when I’m near my limit. He’s been a huge help in setting up my training routine and giving me advice when I’ve asked. 40 lbs down in three months says it all.     –  Bruce Meikle


 Harry Scott rocks!


I am a 58 year old single mother who plays 8+ hours a week of tennis who was looking for some extra ‘juice’ and muscle tone and the motivation to get back into a regular trainer work out.  Harry delivers in spades. I am loving the variety of exercises, machines and even the warm up.
Forget about a treadmill – think stairs, short sprints, jumping jacks – all do-able and toning is visible after the 3rd session. Harry mixes up the session each week. He is probably one of the most personable young men I have encountered lately. His price is right on and the level of instruction AAA.
No pain, good effort expected. It’s all good, no— make that ‘great’. Call Harry, he will make your day!!


A Master of Positive Reinforcement:

When you first meet Harry Scott you might think that the best recommendation for employing Harry as a personal trainer is Harry himself.  Harry is so fit and filled with energy you just know that he understands personal training.

However, when you work with Harry you discover that Harry’s style is more important.  His knowledge is reassuring.  His enthusiasm is infectious.  Harry is a master of positive reinforcement.  I have never heard Harry tell me that I did something wrong.  I only hear how I can do better. When you work with Harry, you will look forward to your next session.          –  Tim McNicholas



Harry is Extremely Encouraging:


I am a 60-year-old musician and stage performer. My work is physically demanding, requiring much repetitive action and I have had a number of challenging issues with knee, hip and shoulder joints as a result.  Strength, balance, flexibility and agility are crucial.

Harry has created an evolving program for me that safely works around weaker joints, and is designed to strengthen surrounding muscle for support. Without question in the two years I have worked out with Harry, I have become stronger, fitter, and for me, most importantly, able to continue my performing career.

Harry is extremely encouraging. He inspires me to set goals. I always leave energized, feeling better than when I arrived. I look forward to my twice-weekly sessions – I consider them an appointment with health.       –  Clayton



Deb after receiving her BioSignature results

I was happy that after having trained with you for 2 years, my biosignature results showed that I have reached a high level of fitness. I have learned so much from you Harry! Results aside, the increases in my knowledge base, technique and most importantly confidence level, are worth their weight in gold.  
Fondly and gratefully. – Deb Metsger


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