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    To work with a trainer it is important to feel comfortable. Lines of communication must remain open for both client and trainer so that goals can be met.

  • Weights 1

    When performed correctly, weight training is fun and effective for all ages.

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    A good relationship between a trainer and client requires trust and an understanding of the client's needs. Most of all it should be fun!

  • Weights 2

    While you always want to work hard and try your best, safety should be a priority.

  • Streaching 3

    Core strength is key to any program. Whether you are an athlete or a desk jockey, protecting the back and establishing strong abdominals ensures a comfortable and active life.

  • Weights 3

    It’s not all about how much weight you move but the way you move it! Proper technique in the gym ensures that you will reach your goals in a safe manner.

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Harry Scott - HEDS Up Training

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Success Stories

"Harry is a great motivator who not only knows his stuff but also understands when to push me and when I’m near my limit. He’s been a huge help in setting up my training routine and giving me advice when I've asked. 40 lbs down in three months says it all."

Bruce Meikle
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